Algeria strongly condemns attack against Libyan protesters in Benghazi

APS : Sunday, 25 October 2015
ALGIERS- Algeria on Sunday has strongly condemned the attack against Libyan protesters in Benghazi on Friday, living scores of casualties among civilians.
“Algeria strongly condemns the attack perpetrated Friday against Libyan civilians who were peacefully demonstrating in the city of Benghazi,” Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Abdelaziz Benali Cherif told APS.
“The barbarian attack against civilians shows the warlike desire of its perpetrators, who seek to widen the divide between the different sections of the Libyan society and to abort any initiative likely to unify the ranks of Libyan people and get the country out of the crisis, which is threatening its existence,” he said.
“This escalation of violation comes as the United Nations-sponsored political process for a consensual solution to the crisis has reached an extremely sensitive stage,” he added.
“On these difficult circumstances, we reaffirm our rejection of violence, in all its forms, as well as our condemnation of terrorism, and we reiterate our call on all Libyan parties to promote dialogue in order to overcome the differences, preserve the unity of Libya and the cohesion of its people, through the building of strong institutions to ensure the supremacy of law.”

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