Algeria strongly condemns air strike on military academy in Tripoli

APS : Monday, 06 January 2020
ALGIERS- Algeria has strongly condemned the air stroke on the military academy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, calling for putting the higher interest of the country above all else and rapidly resume “the all-inclusive
national dialogue process in the neighboring sister country,” the ministry of Foreign Affairs said Monday in a statement.
“Algeria strongly condemns the air strike on the military academy of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and which left many casualties, considering that such acts, whatever the parties involved, will only stir up hatred and further worsen the crisis,” the statement said.
Algeria reiterated “its rejection of all foreign interference in Libya, calling on all Libyan parties to make the country’s higher interest prevail.”
Algeria also called for a quick resumption of “the all-inclusive national dialogue process to reach a solution getting the neighboring and sister country out of the crisis, and build a state of institutions where the sovereign Libyan people live in peace and security and enjoy stability in a single country.”

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