Algeria significantly contributes to energy development in Africa

APS : Friday, 24 May 2019
ALGIERS – Algeria significantly contributes to the development of energy in Algeria, particularly in terms of exchange of experiences, Ambassador Namira Najm, legal adviser to the African Union (AU) told
a news conference in Nairobi.
“Algeria has the best potential in the field of energy … hosting the headquarters of the AU Commission for Energy, is a form of major support to the AU especially as it provides all means and privileges to ensure the proper functioning of the Commission,” Najm added.
An agreement on the headquarters of the African Energy Commission, created in 2001 and active since 2008 was signed Wednesday in Algiers, by Ambassador Namira Najm, Legal adviser to the AU and an official at the Foreign ministry Magramane Lounès.
The Commission, headquartered in Algiers (Hydra), is headed by Sudanese Rachid Ali Abdallah, chief executive.
“Algeria is among the world leaders in the field of energy and its experience will contribute significantly to the development of energy at the regional and continental level. It would help build bridges among African countries to establish a comprehensive work plan for energy protection,” added Najm.

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