Algeria, Russia tied with special, strategic relations

APS : Tuesday, 28 March 2017
DEAD SEA (Jordan)- Algeria and Russia are tied with “special” and “strategic” relations, said Monday in Jordan’s Dead Sea, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and North Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov.
In a statement following his discussions with Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelkader Messahel, the Russian official underlined the “special and strategic relations” between the two countries and hailed “the valuable ideas and wise advice provided by Algeria” on all issues related to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, citing in particular Minister Abdelkader Messahel.
Bogdanov said that the discussions, held on the sidelines of the ministerial preparatory meeting for the 28th Arab Summit, were an opportunity to examine with Messahel issues on the agenda of the forthcoming summit, reaffirming the interest attached by Russia to urgent issues.
“Several Arab countries are shaken by crises,” he said, adding that Russia “wants to contribute to the political and peaceful settlement of these crises.”
In this regard, Bogdanov hailed the stance and approach of Algeria, which is striving to find political and peaceful solutions to crises through inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation.
Messahel participated Monday in the works of the ministerial preparatory meeting for the 28th Arab Summit, scheduled for Wednesday.

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