Algeria reaffirms support to Palestinian cause, calls for political solution in Libya, Syria and Yemen

APS : Wednesday, 29 March 2017
DEAD SEA (Jordan)- Speaker of the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) Abdelkader Bensalah has reaffirmed, Wednesday in Jordan’s Dead Sea,
Algeria’s support to the Palestinian cause and called for political solution to the crises in Libya, Syria and Yemen.
“The fast pace of events and the serious changes that have shaken the Arab region should not make us forget the suffering of the Palestinian people, who seek to recover their dignity and legitimate rights,” said Bensalah in his address at the 28th Arab Summit, as representative of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Bensalah reiterated “Algeria’s unfailing and continuous support to the Palestinian people to help them recover their legitimate rights, especially the establishment of an independent State within 1967 borders, with Al Quds as its capital.”
“In order to achieve this objective, the Palestinians should close ranks through national reconciliation, the only means to recover their legitimate rights,” he stressed.
As regards the crisis in Libya, Bensalah said “Algeria has spared no effort in supporting the political settlement process and promoting inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation between all Libyan parties (…) with a view to preserving the unity and sovereignty of Libya as well as social cohesion, without any foreign interference, in accordance with the UN initiative and the Security Council’s resolution 2259.”
In this regard, he recalled that Algeria “has hosted several discussions and meetings with all Libyan stakeholders, including politicians, political leaders, MPs, and military officials to encourage them to find a political solution that would preserve the unity of the country and protect it from terrorism.”
“Algeria will host the 11th meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries in April,” he added.
As regards Syria, Bensalah said “we are convinced that respecting the will of Syrian people is the only means to end the crisis,” underlining the need for “an inter-Syrian dialogue to find a consensual solution, with a view to preserving the territorial integrity, security, stability and sovereignty of Syria, and putting an end to the bloodshed of the Syrian people.”
As for the situation in Yemen, Bensalah reiterated Algeria’s call on Yemenite parties to stop hostilities and war, and engage in dialogue to reach a political consensus that would ensure the unity, sovereignty and stability of Yemen and meet the aspirations of the Yemenite people.

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