Algeria plays "stabilizing" role in its region, says Polish Senate speaker

ARSAW- Algeria is playing a “stabilizing” role in its region, said Speaker of Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz during its discussions with Minister of Industry and Mining Abdesselam Bouchouareb, in Poland’s Warsaw on Tuesday.
“We appreciate, in Poland, the efforts made by Algeria to stabilize and restore peace in the region,” said Borusewicz.
Algeria is not only a stable country but it also plays an active role in the stabilization of neighbouring countries, especially Mali and Libya, said the Romanian Senate speaker.
This advantage has encouraged Polish officials to accelerate cooperation process with Algeria, adding that relations between the two countries are “constantly developing” at both political and economic levels.
In this regard, he invited the Algerian side to contribute to the diversification of supply resources in order to ensure Europe’s energy security.
For his part, Bouchouareb reaffirmed willingness of Algerian side to take advantage of the new gas plant in north of Poland, with a production capacity of 3 billion cubic metres per year, to export its liquefied natural gas at attractive prices.
The Industry minister invited Polish companies to get involved in projects part of the development plan in the mining sector in Algeria, citing the projects of three phosphate plants, which will help to increase national production of this raw material from 1.5 to 7 million tonnes per year, in addition to the exploitation of the iron deposit of Ghar Djebilet (Tindouf) and exploitation of mineral resources, like nickel, uranium and copper in the South.
Bouchouareb also underlined the various partnership opportunities in the areas of mechanical engineering, electronics, food-processing, agriculture, building , public works and hydraulics.
“We seek to diversify our national economy and we think that the Polish can be reliable partners in the process,” said the Industry minister.
Algeria wants to boost its industrial development through win-win partnerships, taking advantage of its stability compared to other countries in the region.
“Our country does not export a lot of products, but it is a major exporter of stability and peace,” said Bouchouareb.

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