Algeria plays effective role in assisting African migrants

ALGIERS- Algeria has played an “effective role” in assisting African migrants according to its capacities and solidarity policy, said Sunday the National Human Rights Council (CNDH).
“Given its geographical position and its good neighbourliness tradition and commitment towards Africa, especially the Sub-Saharan countries, Algeria has played an effective role in providing the necessary assistance to African migrants, according to its capacities and its solidarity policy. It has also expressed readiness to address deeply this scourge and find appropriate solutions,” said the CNDH.
Algeria called for the strengthening of the role of international organizations in charge of combating illegal migration, which has required from states concerned to take some measures to protect their borders and preserve the internal and external security, said the human rights body.
In this regard, the CNDH recalled the huge efforts made by Algeria to protect the migrants and ensure their repatriation to their countries of origin in the best conditions possible, in accordance with prior agreements concluded with these states.
The Council also underlined the sovereign right of the State to protect its territories and regulate the entry and exit, in accordance with the principles established by the United Nations human rights system in the field.
In this respect, the CNDH presented a series of recommendations, including the adoption of the participatory and humanitarian approach that guarantees human dignity, and invited public authorities to promote the participatory approach of the civil society when implementing the strategies on illegal migration and strengthen capacities of civil society organizations with a view to enabling them to fulfil their missions in protecting the rights of migrants and asylum seekers.
The national human rights body stressed the need to encourage the building of reception centres adapted to the migrants’ needs.
It also called to attach special importance to the rights of children, women and the elderly and take measures to bring together the members of the same family, in accordance with the international conventions ratified by Algeria.

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