Algeria plays central role in supporting African liberation movements

APS : Wednesday, 30 November 2016
ALGIERS- The participants in the international colloquium on “Algeria’s contribution to the decolonization in Africa,” organized Tuesday, in Algiers, emphasized Algeria’s major support to the liberation movements in Africa at the diplomatic, political and military levels.
In his speech on “the African dimension of the liberation war in the charters of the Revolution,” Ameur Rekhila, an academic, underlined that the “Algerian diplomacy has drawn its principles from charters leading to the outbreak of the liberation war, namely the Proclamation of 1 November 1954, the platform of Soummam 1956, the programme of Tripoli (1962), the charter of Algiers (1964) and the national charters of 1976 and 1986.”
“Most of charters included several dimensions, including the African dimension,” said Rekhila, citing as an example the “programme of Tripoli which paved the way for the future of Africa and Algiers’ charter, providing support to the African movements.”
“The independence of Algeria was a threat to France as a colonial power in all Africa because Algeria established activist relations with the main players on the African political scene and even in Asia and Latin America,” he said. The Algerian Liberation War, he added, has become “a model to follow” for the African peoples under the colonial rule.
For his part, Haroun El Rachid Aziz, a South African researcher, focused his speech on “the Liberation War and its impact on the awareness in Africa” during the 60s and 90s of last century.
It is during this period that the African leaders were born like Nelson Mandela and other leaders imbued with the Algerian liberation war to lead their struggle to freedom, he said.

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