Algeria, pioneer in penal reform, says PRI regional director

APS : Wednesday, 05 October 2016
ALGIERS- Penal Reform International (PRI) hailed Wednesday the Algerian experience in the reform of its penal system, considering it as a “pioneer” among other Arab countries.
On the sidelines of a training session on the “reform of prisons in accordance with international human rights standards, the PRI Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Taghreed Jaber commended the commitment of the Algerian governmental institutions for the enforcement of the law and the protection of human rights in accordance with the international standards.
Algeria has worked for the reform of the legislation governing the field, particularly the Constitution, said the PRI regional director.
In this regard, she underlined the efforts made for the development of programmes related to alternative sentences, making of detention the last resort in some cases.
She also cited some other measures decided by Algeria for the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners in order to reduce recidivism, an experience that the Organization wish to see other Arab countries draw on it.
Jaber recalled that the workshop, the seventh hosted in several provinces across the country, is in line with the programme of action launched by its Organization in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights Promotion and Protection (CNCPPDH) with a view to presenting the amendments to laws on the protection of the rights of detained persons.

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