Algeria partakes in 41st APU Conference in Abuja

APS : Sunday, 04 November 2018
ALGIERS-A joint parliamentary delegation representing the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) and the Council of the Nation (Upper House) will partake in the 73rd session of the Executive
Committee of the 41st Conference of the African Parliamentary Union (APU) scheduled on 05-09 November in Abuja, the Upper House announced Sunday.
The session will discuss many issues, namely “The role of parliaments in countering terrorism, armed groups and organized crime in Africa,” in addition to “Private investment as a key factor of economic development in Africa” and “Education for girls as a way to counter early marriage in Africa,” said the source.
Chaired by Deputy Speaker Taher Kellil, the Upper House’s delegation includes MPs Said Kacha, Aicha Barki and Noureddine Belatreche.
During this 41st session, a new APU Secretary General will be elected.
The Lower House will be represented par MPs Belkacem Selatnia and Fatiha Berrahou, concluded the source.

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