Algeria-Niger committee: Joint preparatory meeting in Tamanrasset

APS : Monday, 10 October 2016
TAMANRASSET (Algeria)- The works of a joint preparatory meeting for an Algeria-Niger bilateral committee session opened Monday in Tamanrasset (1970-km south of Algiers).
The meeting is being held to prepare for the sixth Algeria-Niger bilateral committee session scheduled for next December, said sources from Tamanrasset’s provincial administration.
The meeting is co-chaired by the governors of Algerian provinces Tamanrasset and Illizi and the governors Niger’s Agadez and Tahoua, in the presence of the representatives of security, administrative and socio-economic institutions, in addition to provincial administration and elected officials from the two countries.
In an opening address, the governor of Tamanrasset, Belkacem Silmi, said the meeting was intended to assess the implementation of the decisions taken during the fifth Algeria-Niger bilateral committee session.
He added that the meeting was also aimed at giving a fresh impetus to border cooperation and boosting economic exchanges in all areas for the benefit of the populations of those regions.

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