Algeria-Niger Bilateral Border Committee to meet in Tamanrasset Monday

APS : Sunday, 09 October 2016
TAMANRASSET- Algeria-Niger Bilateral Border Committee will hold its sixth ordinary session in Tamanrasset (1970-km south of Algiers) on Monday, said the Province’s local authorities.
The two-day session will be held in the form of two workshops. The first will address issues related to security and the movement of people and goods, while the second will focus on cooperation in socioeconomic, cultural and scientific fields, said the source.
The meeting will be attended by civilian and military officials and representatives of some executive directorates from the Algerian side, as well as their Nigerien counterparts, including the governors of Agadez and Tahoua, the chairman of Agadez Regional Council and members of the diplomatic corps, in addition to those in charge of sectors of activities in Nigerien regions bordering Algeria, added the source.
The works of the session will culminate in a final statement.
The fifth session of Algeria-Niger Bilateral Border Committee took place in Niamey (Niger) in late July 2016, the source recalled.

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