Algeria inks in New York humanitarian commitment to nuclear weapons prohibition

APS : Monday, 21 March 2016
WASHINGTON (United States)- Algeria officially signed Monday, in New York, the humanitarian commitment to the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons, confirming its support to international disarmament efforts.
The commitment was inked at a signing ceremony in New York, attended by representatives of the president of the UN general assembly and the general secretariat as well as the ambassadors of United Nations member States.
Following the signing, Algeria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Sabri Boukadoum, said Algeria attaches a paramount importance to issues relating to disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
He added that the commitment’s signing “is part of Algeria’s support of all initiatives aimed at prohibiting and eliminating this kind of weapons, to achieve the ultimate objective of a world free from the dangers of nuclear weapons.”
Based on the humanitarian imperatives and acknowledgment of an increase in the risk of nuclear weapons use, the pact commits the signing countries to work together to initiate a process aiming at the conclusion of an international treaty on total prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.
It is also meant to identify the effective measures to fill the gap in the relevant law.

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