Algeria has defeated extremism thanks to its deradicalization plan

APS : Saturday, 25 November 2017
LONDON-Algeria managed to defeated extremism thanks to its deradicalization plan based on religious moderation, said Lord Richard Risby, the British Prime Minister’s Envoy for the Economic Partnership with Algeria.
The reason behind this success “is the implementation of a longstanding and comprehensive national de-radicalisation plan, which has evolved with constitutional and parliamentary oversight,” wrote Lord Risby in an article published Friday on the conservative party’s website “Conservative Home.”
The British official said this deradicalization plan allowed Algeria “avoiding the Arab Spring compared with other countries in the region and elsewhere.”
“This is why the number of Algerians leaving Algeria to help Isis (Daesh) terror group was minimal,” stressed the same official.
“Each country is different in responding to violent religious fanaticism, but Algeria has tried to develop a comprehensive framework for religious moderation and deradicalisation. It is a fully understandable and considered response to its – at times – uniquely tragic history,” affirmed Lord Richard Risby.
“Our bilateral relationship is excellent, underpinned by a Strategic Security Partnership,” he affirmed.

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