Algeria has always sought to strengthen international cooperation in counterterrorism

APS : Friday, 08 July 2016
WASHINGTON-Algeria has always sought to strengthen international cooperation in counterterrorism and efforts to fight against organized crime and transnational terrorism, the Algeria’s delegation at the United Nations stressed Thursday.
Algeria’s efforts in the fight against terrorism “have always focused on strengthening regional and international cooperation even before major terrorist acts the world has witnessed,” said the statement of Algeria on the world counterterrorism strategy, read by the Algerian delegation before the UN General Assembly devoted to examining this strategy.
Algeria has always worked for strengthening efforts in the fight against terrorism at the African level and participated in several international instruments that play a key role in improving efficiency of the fight against terrorism in the continent, the same document added.
In the Sahel region that requires coordination and strengthening capacities of countries in the fight against terrorism, Algeria committed itself in a concerted approach through several cooperation mechanisms.
Besides, Algeria’s accession to the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GTFC) reflects its commitment to partaking in all relevant forums so as to promote international cooperation against terrorism.
In this regard, Algeria co-chairs with Canada the working group on strengthening capacities in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region, the Algerian delegation recalled.
As for major efforts made by Algeria in this field since the last examination of the UN strategy on the fight against terrorism in 2014, the Algerian delegation stated that these steps strengthen “assets of the historic reconciliation policy presented by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in the form of a Charter for peace and national reconciliation.
“This Charter has been adopted following a referendum,” the Algerian delegation recalled.
Counterterrorism: States’ sovereignty must be respected
Moreover, Algeria hailed in its statement the reaffirmation by the General Assembly of the sovereignty and territorial Integrety of all States, part of the world strategy against terrorism. “The Algerian has always called to respect this commitment,” according to the statement.
In this regard, it stated that “any selective approach on principals and goals provided by the UN Charter is unacceptable.”
Algeria also welcomed the willingness of the UN members to pursue the settlement of conflicts and put an end to foreign occupation.

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