Algeria hails adoption of Treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons

APS : Sunday, 09 July 2017
NEW YORK-Algeria has hailed the adoption on Friday by the United Nations (UN) of a Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons, calling it “a major advance” in the path towards disarmament.
Speaking at the end of the UN Conference on negotiation of this Treaty, Algeria’s permanent representative at the UN Sabri Boukadoum said that this adoption was “a major advance in the path towards nuclear disarmament,” stressing that the international community “has just adopted one of the most important international tools, the fruit of multilateral negotiations.”
Boukadoum stated that “the only guarantee against the use or the threat of nuclear weapons consists in their total elimination with a view to establishing peace and security in a world free of this kind of weapons.”
The ambassador deplored the absence of an international prohibition framework of nuclear weapons like other biological or chemical massive destruction weapons.
In this regard, he reaffirmed “Algeria’s commitment to making nuclear disarmament an absolute priority in the field of international security,” highlighting international efforts for the edification of a world free of these weapons.
As regards the humanitarian and environmental impact Algeria still suffers from since the 60s, Boukadoum recalled that Algeria had joined the humanitarian initiative that reflects a constant awareness-raising of the international community of the dangers induced by these weapons to combine its efforts with those of other nations working for the cause of disarmament.
Boukadoum regretted the absence of nuclear powers in negotiation process, stating that thanks to this Treaty “we left the door open so that they adhere to this initiative, in the interest of all nations including theirs.”
Algeria has actively participated in the adoption of this Treaty that aims to strengthen the international nuclear disarmament system through the establishment of a new international legal standard prohibiting nuclear weapons, pending their total elimination.
This negotiating conference, convened by a UN resolution adopted in December 2016 under the Algerian chairmanship of the First Committee on Disarmament and Security, is the most important contribution to the history of international efforts for nuclear disarmament.

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