Algeria-France: "I appreciate President Bouteflika's wisdom, his perception of State

APS : Monday, 19 September 2016
PARIS- Speaker of French Senate Gerard Larcher said Monday in Paris that he appreciates the “wisdom” of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his “perception of the State” as well as his “thorough knowledge” of all issues.
“The delegation I led to Algiers a year ago had the honour to discuss with President Bouteflika. I appreciated his wisdom and his perception of the State, as well as his thorough knowledge of all issues, and his remarkable understanding of situations,” he said in his opening address at the first Algerian-French High-Level Forum between the Council of the Nation (Upper House of Parliament) and the French Senate.
He seized the opportunity to underline that “relations with Algeria is not a matter for the Right, the Centre or the Left! Today’s meeting is a perfect illustration of that.”
“Whatever might be the results of the forthcoming elections, those who would hold office would seek to build close cooperation with Algeria,” he added.
He also said to be convinced that in view of terrorism and the economic and development challenges, “Algeria and France, in the diversity of their institutions, can and must work together,” adding that “with Algeria, which was deeply affected by radical Islam, we can find solutions to overcome terror threat.”
The French Senate’s Speaker said that “France has proposed to Algeria an economic partnership and prospects for long term co-development, that few of its rivals, who are far more interested in immediate profits or exploitation of resources without consideration, would offer.”
“It couldn’t be otherwise between France and Algeria: our relations are unlike any others,” he added.

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