Algeria, force for peace, strictly attached to respect of States’ sovereignty

ALGIERS – Algeria is a “force for peace and stability which is strictly attached to the respect of the sovereignty of States and political dialogue,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian,
on a working visit to Algiers, said Tuesday.
“France and Algeria have a convergence of views, our cooperation is paramount. Algeria is a force for peace and stability which is strictly attached to the respect of the sovereignty of States and political dialogue. Algeria is well-respected and heard, and on these bases that together, we can have a solid relationship,” Le Drian told the press after his meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum.
He added that “in the current international events, regional ones particularly, Algeria and France will coordinate their efforts, notably in the Libyan crisis, in order to allow the implementation of a lasting ceasefire and the resumption of the political dialogue,” stressing that the two countries “will work together so that the efforts started in Berlin Conference can continue.”
Le Drian has also said that the two countries “will discuss the Sahel crisis, focusing on the common goal of security and fighting terrorism.”
As for bilateral cooperation, the French top diplomat has praised “the ambition expressed by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune to thoroughly reform Algeria, rebuild a State of Rule of Law and freedoms, and revive and diversify the economy according to the aspirations of Algerians, in addition to his commitment to rule the country in a spirit of dialogue, allowing all Algerians to have their say about these reforms.”
He expressed the wish to see President Tebboune “succeed in this mission” and that the implementation of these reforms could “lead to the success of Algeria and the Algerians,” reiterating “France’s friendship for Algeria”.
Besides, Le Drian voiced his country’s willingness to start a “new phase” in its bilateral relations with Algeria, emphasizing that both countries “are willing to restart their high-level exchanges … in order to give a fresh impetus to cooperation.”
“Over the past year, Algeria has witnessed a crucial phase in its history. We have always repeated the same thing: it was up to Algerians, and them alone, to decide their future and find together the path towards a democratic dialogue, because we respect Algeria’s sovereignty,” said the French minister, adding that the “Presidential Election (in Algeria) was held. Henceforth, there is a new government that France is seeking to work with.”

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