Algeria follows with “concern” last developments in Libya


APS : Sunday, 23 September 2018

ALGIERS – Algeria followed with “concern the last developments” in Libya, which is marked by “intense violence” in the capital, Tripoli. It also launched an “urgent”
appeal to the Libyan parties to put an end to those clashes, said Sunday the Foreign Ministry in a communiqué.
“Algeria follows with concern the recent developments of the situation in Libya, marked by intense violence in Tripoli and its serious consequences on the population which pays the highest price in human lives, casualties and displaced persons, destructed infrastructures,” said the same source.
With this situation, “Algeria launches an urgent appeal to all the Libyan parties to put an end to the clashes and allow reason and wisdom prevail,” added the communiqué.
“Those serious excesses make the political solution an increasingly distant prospect, to which aspires the Libyan people and recalls the paramount importance of defending Libya’s supreme interests, above all other considerations, far of all foreign interference, and as part of the UN-advocated consensual approach.”
Algeria also renews its determination to “spare no efforts, as it always did, to accompany this brother and neighbour country on the path of inclusive dialogue and of the national reconciliation, as well as the establishment of strong and united national institutions, which is the only ones able to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty and the unity of its people,” concluded the Foreign Ministry’s communiqué.

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