Algeria, EU must "strengthen cooperation" to address common challenges

BRUSSELS – Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Wednesday in Brussels that the meeting he had with President of the European Parliament has been “an opportunity” for “a good exchange of views” on the common-interest questions.
In this regard, he emphasized the need for Algeria and the EU to “strengthen their cooperation” so to “address the common challenges.”
“The problems related to the fight against terrorism, the fight against illegal migration, problems of youth and the question of radicalization, are quite important themes that we (Algeria and the EU) share and for which we must work and exchange experiences,” Messahel added.
For him, those questions demand “stronger cooperation to face the common challenges… We are al threatened by terrorism and illegal migration.”
Referring to the Algerian experience in the fight against radicalization, Messahel affirmed that Algeria “made of democracy a strategic option” to combat such phenomenon.
“I outlined to President Tajani the content of the Algerian strategy, since the arrival into power of President Bouteflika…,” he said, stressing that “the best way to fight radicalism is democracy”
To fight against the scourge of radicalization, Messahel believes necessary to “accept each others’ opinions, in the respect of the law and the constitution.”
Speaking the Parliamentary diplomacy, the Minister said that the Algerian-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission would “allow permanent and regular exchanges of views.”

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