Algeria contributes to stability of North Africa, Middle East

APS : Thursday, 27 December 2018
ALGIERS- Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono stressed Thursday, in Algiers, that Algeria “contributes to the stability of Africa and the Middle East,
” pointing out that his country pays a “big attention” to its economic potential.
Speaking following his talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel, Kono affirmed that Japan attaches a “particular importance” to the relations with Algeria which contributes to the stability of North Africa and the Middle East, pointing out that it is the fourth economic power in Africa to which Japan pays a big attention.
Kono added that the two sides agreed to “strengthen the political dialogue at different levels and raise the bilateral relations to a higher level,” underlining that Japan and Algeria have “very good traditional relations” since the opening of its bureau for the representation of the National Liberation Front (Historical FLN) in 1958 in Tokyo and the establishment of diplomatic official relations in 1962.
Japanese minister expressed his country’s willingness to further extend the setting up of Japanese companies in Algeria in order to contribute to the industrial diversification, which is big priority for Algeria.
“We have agreed to speed up the files in the field of investments as well as that of non double taxation,” he added.
Noting that it was decided to “hold the 2nd dialogue next year,” he said that the two sides also agreed to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation on the fight against terrorism and measures against violent extremism which are “a key” for the stability of North Africa and the Middle East.
For Kono, Algeria is an “important factor” for Japan, hoping an “active participation” of Algeria in Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) next August in Yokohama.
For his part, Messahel said that he reviewed the state of the cooperation between the two countries, adding that “we have noted together that we still can do better because of the existing potential on both sides.”
“We have a certain number of draft agreements which are under negotiations, but we have agreed to launch the joint economic committee in the first half of next year. It will be a big event, before finalizing the documents which are being negotiated, to be then signed in Tokyo,” he said, adding that the launch of this joint committee will allow “giving a fresh boost to the bilateral cooperation.”
Messahel said that he insisted on the presence of the Japanese investors in Algeria, considering the economic potential, infrastructures and geographic and strategic position of Algeria and also its stability and security, “essential factors which encourage a more important Japanese presence in Algeria.
The cooperation in the fight against terrorism was broached, said Messahel, pointing out that there is “ a mechanism that need to be strengthened.”

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