Algeria condemns with utmost firmness recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Thailand

ALGIERS- Algeria has condemned with “utmost firmness” the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria and Thailand, and called on the international community for greater mobilization against terrorism and extremism, said Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.
“The despicable and inhumane act of terrorism continues to rear its ugly head throughout the world and everywhere in the world, sparing no continent,” said the Foreign Ministry’s statement.
“Once again, the inhabitants of remote villages of the states of Borno and Yobe in Nigeria suffered agony following the attack of the self-proclaimed Boko Haram group against the peaceful villagers, among whom 150 people drowned in a river of were shot dead fleeing the terrorist group,” said the statement.
“In Thailand, a powerful blast killed about twenty people and injured 140 others,” said the statement.
“Following this appalling carnage perpetrated by inhuman individuals, Algeria, deeply compassionate with the governments and the peoples of Nigeria and Thailand, condemns with the utmost firmness the extremist and terrorist violence in these two countries,” said the statement.
Algeria also expressed “its renewed commitment to fight, as part of international cooperation, against terrorism which is threatening international peace and security and greatly undermining the foundations of the states concerned,” said the Ministry’s statement.
Algeria, true to its regional and international commitments, will always support peoples in the fight against terrorism, concluded the statement.

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