Algeria condemns “in the strongest terms bloodbath” perpetrated in Gaza

ALGIERS- Algeria condemns “in the strongest terms the bloodbath” perpetrated in Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces against defenseless Palestinian demonstrators, affirmed Tuesday Ministry
of Foreign Affairs in a communiqué.
“Algeria condemns in the strongest terms the bloodbath perpetrated in Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces against defenseless Palestinian demonstrators,” said the ministry.
“In the face of this appalling war crime, the international community, and particularly the United Nations Security Council, is once again called to intervene with force to assume all its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people to ensure their protection in accordance with the standards of the international humanitarian law and to right the wrong done against them,” said the source.
“On this sad occasion, Algeria pays tribute to the memory of the valiant martyrs of freedom and expresses its full solidarity with the grief-stricken Palestinian people as well as their direction,” underlined the source.
Algeria has reiterated its “full” support to the Palestinian cause and to the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to establish their independent State with al-Quds as a capital, according to the Ministry’s communiqué.
The Palestinians had peacefully protested Monday in Gaza against the forces of the Israeli occupation to express their total refusal to the transfer of the American embassy to occupied al-Quds, disapproved by 128 of the 193 member countries of the United Nations.
At least 52 Palestinians were killed, including eight children under age 16, by shots of soldiers of the Israeli occupier, according to the Ministry of Local Health.

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