Algeria condemns "in most vigorous terms" recent terrorist acts in Sirte (Libya)

ALGIERS-Algeria condemned Sunday “in most vigorous terms” the recent terrorist acts in Sirte (Libya) which made several victims, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement.
“Algeria condemns in the most vigorous terms the recent terrorist acts in Sirte, which resulted in many victims. The worsening security situation there risks plunging this neighbouring and brotherly country into chaos and represents a real threat of security in the entire region,” the same source said.
“Algeria, which has continued to work for the convergence of views between all Libyan parties to exclude terrorist groups recognized as such by the United Nations, reiterates its urgent call for the establishment of a national unity government in Libya capable of preserving national unity, Libya’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and the cohesion of the brotherly Libyan people, to meet the security challenge,” the ministry added.
“Algeria remains convinced that this consensual political solution is the only peaceful settlement of the conflict in Libya,” said the same source.
“Algeria, which supports UN efforts, again encourages the Libyan brothers, who have the capacity, the political will and high sense of responsibility, to redouble their efforts to make successful the inter-Libyan negotiations process for the benefit of Libya, the brotherly Libyan people and the entire region,” the statement stated.

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