Algeria condemns attack in Chibok, supports Nigeria's counterterrorism fight

APS : Thursday, 28 January 2016
ALGIERS- Algeria condemned Thursday the double attack perpetrated Wednesday in Chibouk, Nigeria, reiterating solidarity with Abuja in its fight against terrorism, said Foreign Affairs ministry’s spokesman, Abdelaziz Benali Cherif.
“The terrorist sect Boko Haram is targeting again Nigeria’s northeast, where 219 high school students were abducted in 2014, by committing a bloody double attack at a market in Chibok, State of Borno,” Benali Cehrif told APS.
“This criminal attack, which we strongly condemn, can in no way undermine the determination of Nigeria’s government and people to foil terrorist schemes in the region with the support of the sub-region’s friendly countries, which are waging an implacable fight against terrorism.”
“Algeria is and will always be supporting Nigeria in its fight to overcome this scourge and to restore security throughout its territory for the sake of its people and the region’s.”

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