Algeria-China: Convergence of views on many international issues


ALGIERS- China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday, in Algiers, put forward the convergence of views between Beijing and Algiers on several international issues,
reiterating China’s support to Algeria and the developing countries in the current global context marked by great change, unprecedented in 100 years.
Following an audience granted to him by the minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra, the Chinese minister stressed the convergence of views between his country and Algeria on political issues and international crises, noting a total convergence on most issues and reconciliation on others.
The two ministers discussed the Middle East crisis, and mainly the Palestinian issue, highlighting support for a Palestinian independent state with El-Quds as capital.
They also noted the relevance of the Arab peace initiative and China’s support to the two States solution, for a co-existence of the two parties in security and stability.
Lamamra also tackled with his Chinese counterpart the crisis in Libya, the conflict in Western Sahara, as well as other issues of common interest, underlining China’s support for development in Africa.
Mentioning friendship between China and Algeria, Wang Yi said that it “will stand up to the changes happening on the international stage.”
He also emphasized Algeria’s ongoing support to China, noting that its country will back Algeria’s efforts to preserve its independence and territorial integrity.

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