Algeria calls for international convention on personal data protection

ALGIERS- Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh affirmed Monday, in Algiers, that Algeria is among the countries calling to an international convention of the United Nations on the protection of personal data
in the use of means relating to modern technologies.
In a reply to the concerns of the members of the Council of Security on the content of the bill on the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data, the minister said there “is an international contention between two poles on the issue of personal data when using modern technological means,” emphasizing “Algeria’s belonging to the pole which underlines the importance to set up a United Nations’ international convention on the protection of personal data when using these technological means.”
In this regard, Louh said that some countries dubbed “necessary” the existence of universal rules regulating these means to protect personal data in the general framework, in accordance with a UN international convention, like some conventions, including that relating to the fight against organized crime and another on the fight against corruption.
The minister underlined the existence of a committee at the level of his ministry, made up of representatives of all the sectors and experts to prepare a bill on the fight against cybercrime and prevention from this kind of crimes “under the instructions of President of the Republic,” adding that this bill is in its final adjustments.

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