AIMC emphasizes importance of Arab cooperation to curb terrorism

APS : Thursday, 08 March 2018
ALGIERS- Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC) meeting stressed in the closing session Wednesday, in Algiers, the need for cooperation among Arab countries to curb terrorism,
dry up its financial and intellectual resources and deprived it from its social environment and information and communication networks.
In their final statement issued at the end of the works, held at the International Convention Centre of Algiers, the participants underlined the need for Arab countries to join efforts to meet the security and intellectual challenges and the fight against extremism, which is behind terrorism, through social networks and websites.”
Arab ministers said “the crimes of violence, terrorism, money laundering, arms dealing, people trafficking, illegal migration and cross border crime, which often use modern technology, required that we unify security development and coordinate actions to address them.”
The participants called for “cooperation to face terrorism, dry up its intellectual and financial resources and deprive it from its social environment and information and communication networks.”
They praised the role of Arab security bodies in “thwarting several terrorist plans and dismantling many terrorist groups and cells linked to foreign sides that operate to undermine security and stability of Arab states.”
Arab Interior ministers said the “victories achieved against terrorist groups in the Arab region should not make us forget the need to meet the current challengers relating to the comeback of foreign fighters and the movement of terrorist groups to other regions, hence the necessity to coordinate our efforts with the international community to fight this scourge.”

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