AFRIPOL develops action plan to assess security threats in region

APS : Thursday, 07 September 2017
ALGIERS- Director General of Algerian Police, Major General Abdelghani Hamel, head of the African mechanism of police cooperation (AFRIPOL), said an action plan
is under preparation at the African body to assess security threats in the region, to develop a platform of contacts and boost cooperation between the African and European agencies in charge of reinforcing the law for further efficiency against the threats, the directorate general of general police (DGSN) said in a statement.
Speaking, at the second meeting of Euromed-Police IV, about police cooperation between the EU and its partner countries from the Mediterranean southern shore, Major General Hamel underlined the importance of Afripol, stressing the need to give the African police body a key role in the AU roadmap.”
AFRIPOL has a major role in “preventing and fighting the different cross-border crimes, in coordination with similar (African) police bodies as well as the regional and international organizations,” Hamel said in an address entitled “AFRIPOL: Increase in Value for the New Global Security System.”
“Security challenges, which are a priority, are been behind the creation of a regulatory framework, an action plan, a clear roadmap, communication tools and exchange of information,” Hamel said at AFRIPOL’s first general assembly last May in Algiers.

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