African-Nordic FM meeting in Copenhagen: Messahel stresses Algeria's commitment to peace, security worldwide

APS : Thursday, 07 June 2018
COPENHAGEN (Denmark)- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Algeria was committed to peace and security in Africa and beyond, in an address at the African-Nordic Foreign Ministers’
Meeting Thursday in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
Invited to introduce, on behalf of the African side, the debate on peace and security issues, Messahel said the challenges facing our continent threaten the commendable efforts of the African countries to get out of underdevelopment, eradicate poverty and supports the development processes that have been successfully launched in a growing number of countries.”
“Those threats are mainly made up of terrorism, spread of radicalization, armed conflicts, illegal migration, cross-border organized crime and climate change.”
The minister stressed Africa’s efforts to address those challenges through its own resources and capacities as well as regional and international cooperation, and solidarity of the international community.
Messahel warned against the redeployment of terrorism to Africa, especially the Sahel region and the peripheral space, due to the defeat of DAECH (ISIS or ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, noting the problems this creates to Algeria and North Africa as a whole, as well as to other parts of the world.
“Algeria, which has defeated terrorism, but continues to fight remnants of terrorism, keeping a high level of vigilance throughout its territory and along its border,” the Foreign Minister said.
Algeria also “shares its experience and develops a dense security cooperation and collaboration with its neighboring countries on bilateral, regional and international levels.”

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