Adoption of Constitution, new era for Algeria, says Bensalah

APS : Sunday, 07 February 2016
ALGIERS- The amended Constitution will allow Algeria to start a “new era,” said Sunday the chairman of the Parliament Abdelkader Bensalah.
“The revision of the Constitution, which is a major achievement, will open a new era to our society,” said Bensalah at the closing of the plenary session of the Parliament .
“The amended Constitution doesn’t only organize powers but defines the reference points of Algeria’s future,” said Bensalah, underlining that this revision is “the crowning of the reform policy initiated by President of the Republic.”
In this regard, he underlined that the revision “has come to reaffirm the national identity by strengthening the position of Arabic language and raising Tamazight language to the rank of official language.”
He considered that the revision of the Constitution “strengthens the rule of law, reaffirms the independence of justice, protects young people, strengthens individual and collective freedoms and offers the opposition more spaces of expression.”

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