5+5 dialogue: Security in Mediterranean region is "indivisible and inter-dependent"

APS : Friday, 18 January 2019
VALETTA (MALTA) – The security in the Mediterranean region is “indivisible and interdependent,” Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Friday in Valletta (Malta).
Co-chairing the 15th Foreign Ministers Conference of the 5 + 5 Dialogue, the minister said that “security in the Mediterranean region, as a common space between the countries of the two shores, is indivisible and interdependent”.
Messahel highlighted, therefore “the importance of regional cooperation with regard to the approaches and actions which need to taken be better address the concerns, especially with regard to the security of our region.”
“The worsening of the migratory crisis in the Mediterranean challenges us in more than one way and requires a united and effective handling of this phenomenon through a comprehensive approach, which my country has always advocated, combining both the imperatives of security, development and respect for human dignity,” said the Foreign Ministry.
Messahel added that “Algeria, which has recently become a destination country, is making significant efforts, on its own funds, to secure its own borders and fight against illegal migration.”
He also warned that “Algeria, which has mobilized significant resources to deal with the flow of irregular migrants, cannot tolerate, in any way, its security being compromised by pseudo-migrant groups, involved in what is happening in some countries of the region.”
On the same issue, the Algerian top diplomat said that “the Malta Summit on migration between Africa and Europe, even if it allowed to realize the seriousness of this phenomenon and the emergency to deal with it, has not planned to engage a real dynamic that would be able to provide appropriate, effective and sustainable responses to address the issue of irregular migration.”
The minister concluded by reiterating “the conviction of Algeria that concerted efforts and solidarity should be directed to the sustainable treatment of the root causes of the migration, through the resolution of crises, the development of partnerships and the promotion of mobility between both sides of the western Mediterranean.”

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