5+5 Dialogue: Algeria calls to face threats of terrorism, organized crime

APS : Sunday, 21 January 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria called Saturday to face the threats of terrorism and organized crime facing the countries of the western Mediterranean as part of a shared multidimensional vision.
At the opening of the 7th high-level meeting of the 5+5 Western Mediterranean Dialogue Group’s Parliaments, Vice-President of the Mediterranean parliamentary association Taher Kellil, representative of the speakers of the Algerian two chambers of Parliament, affirmed that the current challenges, like development, transfer of technology, achievement of the youth’s aspirations, as well as the fight against violent extremism, terrorism, illegal immigration and organized crime require from the States of 5+5 Dialogue the adoption of “a shared, coherent and multidimensional vision.”
Underlining the need to work for “a peaceful settlement of crises and conflicts by avoiding the military option and respecting the national sovereignty of the States,” Kellil underlined in this regard the importance of 5+5 Dialogues for the governments and peoples of the two shores of the western Mediterranean.”
Algeria’s representative broached the main theme retained for debate during this meeting (which brings together the countries of the northern shore, namely Italy, Spain, Malta, France and Portugal and those of the southern shore, namely Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya), pointing out that it “reflects the interest of our countries and peoples for sustainable development.”
Kellil added that Algeria is convinced of the key role of sustainable development in the establishment of stability and the strengthening of peace and security at the national, regional and international levels.
In this regard, he underscored that the sustainable development is a “national priority” for Algeria which “continues its development process despite the drop in oil prices, implementing the deep and comprehensive reforms initiated by President of the Republic.”

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