4th Sahel imams workshop: Algerian experience in peace and national reconciliation as a model

APS : Monday, 30 May 2016
DAKAR (Senegal)- Algeria’s representative to the fourth workshop of the Sahel Ulema, Preachers and Imams League, Kamel Kechat stressed Monday in Dakar, Senegal, the pertinence of making an example of the Algerian experience in achieving peace and national reconciliation,
to optimize the efforts in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism.
The Algerian experience in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism through the promotion of peace and national reconciliation on the basis of dialogue and tolerance deserves to be an model for African countries in general, and the Sahel region in particular, considering its effectiveness and pertinence, Kechat said in an address at the workshop, which opened Monday in the Senegalese capital.
To establish coexistence in an atmosphere of peace and security within our societies, we need to shed light on the values of Islam, which recommends tolerance, acceptance of the others and dialogue among cultures and ideas.
Member of the Sahel League of ulema, preachers and imams, Kechat highlighted the key role of Zawiyas and Sufi references in preserving stability and security in the Sahel region, through propagation of the concepts of unity, coexistence and tolerance among the peoples of the regions.
He also underlined Zawiyas’ contribution to the preservation against extremism, fanaticism and the ideas that have nothing to do with our authentic religious references.

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