2022, year of success of Arab League Summit

APS : Friday, 23 December 2022

ALGIERS – Algeria won the bet after the resounding success of the Arab League Summit, held in early November in Algiers, themed “Unification of Arab ranks,” a historic event that marked the year 2022
and confirmed once again the return in force of Algeria on the international scene.
Algeria’s decision to host the Arab Summit on November 1, the date of the outbreak of the national liberation war, is highly symbolic, as it is in line with its principles in favor of Arab unity and the right of oppressed peoples to self-determination.
Algeria, which has always banned division and advocated the unity of Arab countries to meet the challenges, wanted, through this summit, to strengthen the solidarity and integration between the countries of the region, united by a community of destiny.
Whether the unity between the Arab States or within them, Algeria remains committed to the principle of gathering the antagonistic brothers. A unifying position that it has always advocated with regard to the Palestinian question because it remains convinced that the solution is through reconciliation and inter-Palestinian dialogue.

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