2016: Algeria, UK highlight willingness to strengthen ties

APS : Sunday, 01 January 2017
LONDON-Algeria and the United Kingdom highlighted in 2016 their willingness to strengthen bilateral relations, further diversify partnership and continue strategic dialogue.
Although not intense, the Algeria-British activities held last year were very important as they aimed to consolidate relations between the two countries in the economic field and consultations on security challenges.
In addition to the visit of the UK Minister for the Middle East and Africa Tobias Ellwood to Algeria, Algiers hosted an economic form and the 7th session of bilateral dialogue between the two countries took place in London.
“The United Kingdom wants even closer ties with Algeria and hopes to develop new areas of cooperation, including between the parliaments” of the two countries, said Ellwood in a statement to APS as part of his visit to Algeria.
The British official also stressed the progress achieved in security cooperation between Algeria and the UK, highlighting the “huge potential” in cooperation and exchange of expertise between the two countries.
Previously limited to energy, the Algeria-UK partnership has diversified since one decade. Besides, the businessmen forum held in Algiers in last May was an opportunity to find new investments areas.
As regards security cooperation, London hosted the 7th session of the strategic bilateral dialogue co-chaired by Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel and British National Security Adviser Mark Lyall-Gran.
The meeting focused on political and security issues as well as exchange of views on the conflicts threatening the peace and security in the region and the Mediterranean, notably the situation in Libya and Sahel region.
Both parties reaffirmed the convergence of their viewpoints on counterterrorism and means to establish an international framework for this purpose.
Moreover, the meeting allowed exchanging analyses and viewpoints of the two sides on the different issues on the agenda, particularly the fight against terrorism and deradicalization.
Messahel affirmed that permanent and regular consultation and dialogue with the UK, as a UN Security Council permanent member, are important for Algeria.
The British party has repeatedly underscored Algeria’s key role in stability in the region thanks to its experience in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

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