12th Russia Forum: Ould Abbes presents Algeria’s reconciliation model

APS : Sunday, 05 November 2017
MOSCOW-Representative of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the 12th Russia Forum entitled “We are united” Djamel Ould Abbes on Saturday presented Algeria’s experience of national reconciliation and unity of the people.
Held at the Kremlin Palace on the occasion of the “National Unity Day” celebrated on 4 November of each year in Russia, the Forum was an opportunity for Ould Abbes to present “Algeria’s model in terms of solidarity and concord, achieved by the Algerian society through national solidarity and the reconciliation initiated by President Bouteflika.”
“This is the message I bear here while Russia commemorates today the National Unity Day to further cement the national identity, especially since Russia is a multiethnic and multi-confessional country,” Ould Abbes told APS, stressing “Algeria’s diversity and wealth that promoted our culture.”
“Despite the hard trials experienced by Algeria due to the horrors of terrorism, Algerians took up again with hope and cemented their solidarity through civil concord and national reconciliation, which irreversibly saved the unity of the Algerian people jealous of their sovereignty,” affirmed Ould Abbes, who stressed that the 1st November Revolution “was and remains the cement of our national unity and must last as a rallying legacy.”
Ould Abbes emphasized the exemplary relations between Russia and Algeria. “Our countries are bound by traditional ties in various sectors, based on mutual respect,” said Ould Abbes, recalling USSR’s support to Algeria after independence.
“We should further boost these ties,” said the Algerian official, who paid tribute to the precious contribution of Algeria’s Ambassador to Moscow Smail Allaoua to their consolidation.
The 12th Russian Forum, entitled “We are united”, took place at the Kremlin Palace in the presence of representatives of the various regions and republics of Russia, representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps, as well as delegates of the Duma and the Council of the Federation (Upper house of the Russian parliament).

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