National Day of Mujahid commemorates two crucial steps of liberation war (mujahedeen)

ALGIERS-The date of August 20, symbolizing the attack in northern Constantine (1955) and the congress of Soummam (1956), commemorates two crucial stages in the history of the national liberation war, mujahideen and historians said Tuesday in Algiers.
The day of Mujahid commemorates two key dates in the history of the revolution and two important steps in the military and political struggle, historian Hassan Zeridi at a conference at El Moudjahid newspaper Forum, organized by the association “Meshaal Echahid.”
For the speaker, the first date was “a qualitative step” for the revolution, enabled to hear the voice of the revolution abroad while the second time was a stopover, and allowed to adopt a roadmap to move forward to independence.
He recalled that the authors of those events were young people from different classes of Algerian society.
The speaker added that on 20 August1955, people rushed to join the revolution while on the event on 20 August 1956 was a halt to set the action plan to fight for independence and achieve the goal of 1 November 1954.
For his part, the mujahid Amin Khan, commander of the Wilaya II, stressed the attack in northern Constantine against barracks of the French army, was initiated by Zighout Youcef to meet the challenge against the plans of the French occupation to extinguish the torch of revolution.
Besides, Mujahid Salah Boudjemaa stated this attack conducted by Zighout Youcef in Constantine had made a rupture between the Algerian people and the French colonial regime.
Members of the families of martyrs Zighout Youcef and Abane Ramdane took part in ths conference, in addition to mujahideen and students.

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