Doing Business

Business Etiquette

business etiquette

Greetings in Algeria are usually long and conversation about family and the home, work, the weather and other general topics can be expected. People may hold hands after the initial hand shake as a sign of warmth… More »

Key Tax Laws for Investors

key tax laws for investors

The tax system in Algeria is organized around six tax codes relating to direct taxes, indirect taxes, turnover taxes and registration, stamp and tax procedures. Since the 1990s, the taxation system in Algeria has changed substantially in order to adapt to the evolution of the economy and structural… More »

Trading with Algeria


12% of Algeria’s GDP is contributed by the agriculture sector, which provides employment for 20% of the active population. Wheat, barley, oats, citrus fruit, wine grapes, olives, tobacco and dates are some of the significant crops being produced. Cork and livestock farming are also… More »