Algeria among world’s safest countries, according to Gallup Institute

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1f94ee342e57ed518e06bf1cd03cb625_LWASHINGTON- Algeria ranked seventh in the 2017 rankings of the world’s safest countries, as determined by the US Gallup Poll.
With a score of 90 out of 100, Algeria ranks in the top ten countries where the population feel safe, according to Gallup’s Law and Order index, which measures the feeling of personal safety as well as individual experiences in terms of crime and law enforcement.
This score allowed it to be on top of the African ranking. Rwanda scored 84 out of 100. Morocco ranked 43rd while Tunisia is 79th. Libya has not been surveyed.
Singapore tops the rankings with an index of 97 out of 100, followed by Uzbekistan, Iceland, Turkmenistan and Norway. Switzerland is in sixth place with the same index score as Algeria.
The survey of the largest and most reliable survey institutes in the United States presents the results of more than 136,000 interviews conducted in 135 countries in 2016.
The survey has been based on four questions focused on the trust of people in the police force and the level of night security provided in their cities and neighbourhoods. The Gallup Institute states that there are “close relations between the interviewees’ answers and the external measures related to the economic and social development of the country”.
These relations provide information on how high crime rates can affect social cohesion and the economic performance of a country, the Washington-based Institute said.
The worst score of the ranking was recorded, however, by Venezuela which obtained 42 percent, according to the Gallup index. Countries in Latin America maintained the same index score (64 per cent) in 2016, respondents are less likely to feel safe.
The United States, Canada, South Asia and East Asia have a high overall score of 84 per cent.

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