Session of General secretariat of Arab Men of Letters and Writers Union wraps up in Algiers

APS : Wednesday, 15 February 2017
ALGIERS- The session of the General Secretariat of the Arab Men of Letters and Writers Union wrapped up Tuesday in Algiers by the adoption of a final communiqué, regulatory decisions and the admission of Saudi Arabia.
The final communiqué made public by the Union called for “the liberation of the occupied Arab territories,” condemning “all calls for extremism and violence” and “all forms of terrorism.”
Praising “the feats of the Palestinian youth,” the communiqué called the international community to intervene and the Palestinian factions to “join hands.”
It also called for “countering any normalization of the relations with the Zionist enemy,” particularly “the cultural normalization” in addition of “the setting up of a commission in charge of foreign authors’ literary production in the Arab writers.”
The Union committed to translate ten books published in the Arab countries, said the communiqué.
The coming meeting will be held in mid 2017 in Cairo, followed by Damascus in late 2017, Tunis mid 2018 and Abu Dhabi in late 2018.

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