Chad wants to draw on Algerian experience in fight against extremism

عفوا، هذه المدخلة موجودة فقط في الإنجليزية الأمريكية و الفرنسية.

APS : Sunday, 06 March 2016
ALGIERS- Head of the High Islamic Council of Chad, Sheikh Hussein Hassan Abkar, expressed Thursday in Algiers, his country’s willingness to draw on the experience of Algeria “which advocates a moderate Islam against extremism.”
In a statement to the press after a meeting with the officials of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Waqf, chaired by Minister Mohamed Aissa, Abkar stressed that “the High Islamic Council of Chad wants to benefit from the Algerian experience in fight against extremism by promoting a moderate Islam.”
He indicated having examined with the Minister “important” topics as “the Muslim nation experiences hard times when atrocities are perpetrated in the name of religion by young people with limited knowledge.”
Sheikh Abkar stresses that “Islam is innocent of this extremism which hat is now a global scourge.”
Chad’s High Islamic Council head called for “combining efforts to combat this extremism,” recalling that “Africa belongs to a single entity and must remain united facing this threat.”
The President of the High Islamic Council in Chad also indicated he requested assistance notably in the training of imams and the construction of an Algerian cultural center in Chad.

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