World Food Moscow 2019: Investment in exports, absolute necessity for economic recovery

MOSCOW-Trade Minister Said Djellab highlighted Tuesday, in Moscow, the urgent need for export investment to boost the national economy.
In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the “World Food Moscow 2019” exhibition, Djellab said that investment in the field of exports and related activities was currently the subject of fierce competition between countries, adding that Algeria is committed to improving the business climate in order to attract more foreign investment.
The minister said that Algeria is keen to give various incentives to foreign and Algerian investors to encourage them to enter the Algerian market, adding that the rule governing foreign investment 49/51 has been abandoned as it is limited only to investment in strategic sectors.
The 35 Algerian companies participating in the event received several commercial offers, where the various products on display, including pasta, dates, olive oils and a wide range of vegetables and fruit, attracted the interest of Russian and foreign investors, he added.

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