What is Medgaz?

With a transport capacity of 8 billion cubic metres/year. I will connect Beni Saf on the Algenan coast to Akneria a Spanish coast. It will be supplied from the Hassi R gas dispatching centre. This gas pipeline of 24 inches in diameter for transporting natural gas across the Mediterranean Sea and will connect Algeria to Europe via Spain. Its total length is 210 km with a depth of 2,160m. Sonatrach, boosted by its experience in transporting hydrocarbons, through its Transportation by Pipeline activity, confirms with these projects its will to invest in major projects abroad. The major know-how gained over the years by the executives and engineers of the Transportation by Pipeline activity has accelerated the diversification of its portfolio, particularly via Sonatrach’s participation in the Camisea project in Peru which consists of the construction and operating of a hydrocarbons transportation network. As a reminder, it was in 2003 that Medgaz was approved by the European Commission as a project of mutual interest in the trans-European networks of the energy sector, and it was also selected in the Quick Start program for its immediate commissioning by the European Commission. Exhaustive studies were carried out in order to select the best underwater track for Medgaz. It was the beach at Sidi Djelloul, in the commune of Beni Saf (Ain Temouchent) which was selected to be used as the starting terminal of the Medgaz pipeline. The works of placing down the underwater pipeline and the construction of the installations which compose the transportation system started at the end of 2007. The operation of placing down the 210 km long under-water pipeline took place in two phases: a shallow zone going to 500 m and a deep zone going to 2.160m. The drawing of the steel tubes from the specialized ship. Castoro Sei, required the closing and the development of the beach at Sidi Djelloul. The operation for drawing the gas pipeline using a hoist from the beach required specific development. An underwater section also drilled out. It will store the gas pipeline which will then be covered with a layer of gravel in order to prevent any incident.

The Castoro Sei vessel, a veritable factory ship, was entrusted with welding the tubes on board and placing down the underwater pipeline in shallow waters i.e. up to 500 m deep Vessels constantly feed the mastodon with various materials and tubes whose unit weighs up to 6 tons and length reaches 12 m.

During this phase, the Castoro Sei vessel advances as the on board welding operations go ahead and as the pipeline is put into position in an underwater section. Once this operation is complete, a plug is put on the gas pipeline which is placed at a depth of 20m. It will subsequently be connected to the land-based pipeline coming from Hassi R’mel. The construction works of the compressor plant of the Beni Saf starting terminal are at an advanced stage. Medgaz, in the same way as the future TSGP and Galsi gas pipelines, places Algeria in a dynamic of continental development, and also guarantees the financing of a large part of the ambitious national development programs decided upon by the highest authority of the country.

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