Western Mediterranean countries adopt Algiers Declaration on Blue Economy

ALGIERS- Algiers declaration on the development of sustainable maritime economy in the western Mediterranean sea has been adopted Tuesday in Algiers by the agriculture and fisheries ministers
of the ten western Mediterranean countries as part of the 5+5 dialogue.
During the ministerial meeting of the countries participating in the initiative “Ouestmed” on the development of sustainable maritime economy (blue economy) in the western Mediterranean Sea adopted in November 2017 in Napoli (Italy), General Director for fisheries and aquaculture at Agriculture Ministry Agriculture Ministry, Taha Hammouche said that 31 projects has been elaborated.
Algeria is concerned by all those projects which cover six main lines: the construction of maritime activity hub, the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of marine habitat, the sustainable consumption and production, the development of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, the development and the mobility of competences, the maritime security and the fight against maritime pollution.
In this regard, a quarterly assessment mechanism of the projects execution will be established.
Algiers declaration also calls on the support bodies and the involved states for forming a Fund to support the Blue Economy-oriented joint projects and expand the initiative to other countries.
According to Hammouche, the financing of those projects is set to reach 300 million Euros, by different international and regional funders.
The European Union pledged to allocate 18.7 million Euros for several programmes running until 2027.
The initiative concerns the western Mediterranean countries; namely Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia as well as Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal.

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