“We count on Algeria’s support to settle crisis in Libya,” says Salah

APS : Saturday, 09 October 2021

ALGIERS-Speaker of the Libyan Parliament (House of Representatives), Aguila Salah said Saturday that “Libya is counting on the support of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune and the Algerian people to
settle the Libyan crisis that is coming to an end,” stressing that “Libya needs Algeria in all circumstances.”
“I am delighted with the invitation I received from Algeria” to which Libya “is linked by secular relations that date back to the struggle against the French occupation”, recalled the Libyan Parliament speaker.
The two countries commemorated, a few days ago, the battle of “Issine” against the French occupation, he continued.
“We are proud of Algeria, which plays a key role in the Arab world, as we are proud of the dignified and courageous Algerian people who have always stood against the degradation,” he said, emphasizing “its history full of achievements.”
“We need our neighbor Algeria in all circumstances. We will never forget its stances in our favor during the difficult circumstances experienced by Libya,” said the Libyan official.
In this regard, Aguila Salah highlighted the importance of the Algerian role in the settlement of the Libyan crisis.
“We rely on the president and the Algerian people to help Libya to address its crisis that is coming to an end,” said Salah.

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