Valls highlights "convergence of view", "density" of Algeria-France ties

APS : Sunday, 10 April 2016
ALGIERS-French Prime Minister Manuel Valls highlighted Sunday in Algiers “the convergence of view” and “strength and density” of ties between Algeria and France in all fields.
“The meeting with president of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika enabled me notice, once again, the convergence of view, strength and density of ties between
France and Algeria,” Valls told the press after a meeting with the Head of State.
“I carried a message from President François Hollande to President Bouteflika,” he stated, adding that France “is willing to foster exceptional partnership with Algeria in all fields.”
The French PM also pointed out that he discussed with the President of the Republic bilateral cooperation in the face of the terrorist threat,” stressing that “relation between France and Algeria in this field must be stronger and more efficient to counter terrorism.”
Valls added that his meeting with President Bouteflika focused on the crisis in Mali “that threatens security of Algeria and France.”
“We must definitely eliminate the terrorist threat and enable the effective implementation of the Inter-Malian agreement inked in Algiers in 2015,” he affirmed, hailing “the efforts of President Bouteflika and Algerian authorities” in this issue.
As for Libya, Valls underscored the need to “back” the national unity government to put an end to the chaos in this country.
“During my meeting with President Bouteflika, I pledged to making regular the consultation between France and Algeria on all these regional issues, mainly Libya, Mali and Western Sahara,” he pointed out.
The French official also stressed that he discussed with President Bouteflika the situation in Syria and Iraq.
As for bilateral relations, the French PM said that he “broached” with the Head of State economic and commercial cooperation between Algeria and France and works of the 3rd session of the High Level Intergovernmental Committee.
“We share the willingness to progress, and the same hope to implement more French-Algerian projects and further strengthen political and strategic dialogue,” he added.
On this occasion, Valls paid tribute to President Bouteflika “of whom we acknowledge the important role for Algeria, his role as a fighter, as Foreign Minister and today as President, and his contribution to Algeria’s unity after a particularly difficult time.”

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