UN Reform: Algeria, on behalf of Non-Aligned, calls to strengthen General Assembly’s role

NEW YORK- Algeria called on Monday, in New York, to strengthen the role of the General Assembly as the UN’s main political decision-making body to boost the transparency and efficiency of the United Nations.
As a prelude to the start, in the next weeks, of the works of the special working group in charge of the revitalization of the General Assembly’s works, Algeria’s permanent representative ambassador Sabri Boukadoum, made a statement on behalf of 120 member States and 17 observer States of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in which he shed light on the main chapters of UN’s reform process.
Algeria ensures the coordination within NAM on this important issue, which is part of the UN reform process, already initiated for years.
After underlining NAM’s commitment to the implementation of the General Assembly’s resolutions, particularly those that have been adopted since the 69th session, constituting the cornerstone of the revitalisation process, the ambassador Boukadoum underlined the main chapters of this reform, notably concerning the selection of the secretary general and UN’s role and authority.
For the selection and appointment of UN general secretary, Boukadoum reiterated the need to lead this process in a “transparent, democratic and inclusive” framework, welcoming the holding, for the first time, of informal dialogues during the process which culminated in the selection then the election of the secretary general Antonio Guterres.
Boukadoum called to maintain this procedure, affirming that NAM welcomed the respect of the gender parity in the selection of candidates.
The permanent representative stressed the need to see the Security Council submitting, according to the terms of its recommendation at the General Assembly, a plurality of candidates and not to be limited to one candidacy, underlining the need to lead the appointment process of the secretary general while strictly respecting the mandate of the General Assembly.

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