Tunisia: Hadjar seals pilot programme of student, teacher mobility

APS : Wednesday, 24 October 2018
ALGIERS-As part of his visit to Tunisia, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Tahar Hadjar sealed Tuesday in Tunis a pilote programme of student and teacher mobility named
“Ibn Rachiq” and four minutes on scientific research, technological development and innovation and the creation of doctoral schools between the two countries.
This pilot programme is an “additional qualitative leap” that encourages bilateral cooperation in the area of higher education and scientific research, and fills the legal vacuum that hinders this mobility. It also aims to set up flexible and effective mechanism likely to stimulate mobility of PhD students.
Besides, the programme will provide further visibility to this mobility and will help mobilize financing opportunities at the regional level, with a view to ensuring a better positioning of the institutions of both countries in response to the programmes of the European Union (EU), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the African Union in the higher education and scientific research sector.
Algeria and Tunisia also inked 4 minutes on “scientific research, technological development and innovation, cooperation between the national conference of Algerian universities and its Tunisian counterpart. They also agreed to launch educational cooperation based on partnerships and joint degree programmes, and create doctoral schools between the two countries.”
Both sides agreed to identify the appropriate mechanisms for the development of unified and structuring research projects with an added value in the area of scientific research by involving socio-economic sectors, notably water resource, agriculture, economy, sustainable development, renewable energy and electronics.

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