The Bulgarian translation of Samira NEGROUCHE’s “Monologues du jasmine “launched in Sofia

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The launching ceremony of the Bulgarian translation of Samira NEGROUCHE’s poetry book “Monologues du jasmin“ (“Jasmine Monologues”) took place on June 4, 2015 at the Sofia Press Gallery. The event was organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Algeria to Bulgaria.

Samira NEGROUCHE, who is both a medical doctor and a poet, is the author of many poetry collections, the best known being “Faiblesse n’est pas de dire”, “L’Opéra cosmique”, “A l’ombre de Grenade”, “Le Jazz des oliviers”. (“Weekness is not to speak out”, “Space opera”, “In the shadow of Grenade”, “Olive Tree Jazz”. She is member of the International Committee of the Mediterranian Voices Festival of Lodève and Secretary General of the Algerian PEN Club.

Moreover, Samira NEGROUCHE translates contemporary poetry from Arabic into French.
With her poetical sensitivity drawing from the Maghreb, Africa, and the Mediterranean, Samira NEGROUCHE is Algeria’s first female poet some of whose works have been published in Bulgarian.

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